February 4th, 2008 at 5:50 pm

The inevitable Robot War is upon us. Read Isacc Asimov and see apocalyptic big-budget movies starring California governors.

Because computers are not prevalent and pervasive enough in our consumed, important lives of the iPhone, the Air, the Blackberry, the iPod, and the Kindle, now a company called Livescribe has produced a gadget called the Pulse smartpen.

According to their flirtatious, Lisa Bonet-like spokeswoman, the smartpen “totally” changes the way you write because it’s a pen AND a computer.


So while you’re writing with this special pen on its special paper, it’s also recording audio that is automatically synched to what you’re writing at the time. All this special information can then be loaded on your computer to be organized, collated, reviewed, re-digested, and loved forever like a family member or at least a favorite pet.

I want one!!!

I can use it inbetween my favorite Caran d’Ache pen and my Smith Corona XL 1700 typewriter (because its fun and nostalgic).