Watership Down by Richard Adams

March 4th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

I just finished a 474-page book about rabbits.


This is why I love books. I am absolutely giddy just thinking about the fact that there is a book, a 474-page book, about rabbits.

And it’s goddamn good!Watership Down by Richard Adams

I once read a 116-page book about farm animals, a 1008-page book about hobbits, and I even once managed to complete a 1,418-page book about airplanes (but that was a coloring book).

But this was my first 474 pages of rabbits. Watership Down is extraordinarily imaginative, well written with a steady, suspenseful plot, and a cast of furry, cabbage-loving bunnies. It is epic in scale and contains some of the best descriptions of nature that I have ever read. It’s Lord of the Rings and Dickens. With rabbits.

My family had a pet rabbit for a very brief period of my early childhood. My sister was found to be deathly allergic to all things lapin. So when Tea Taffy inadvertently pissed in my father’s mouth during a routine cage cleaning, the bunny was quickly liberated. My sister and I were led to believe that Tea Taffy ran away.

Watership Down. Have you heard of this book? Read it? High School was supposed to be the time for that, white rabbits or other. But who are we kidding? You and I spent high school at marching band practice or sucking up to the English teacher.

Who doesn’t love bunnies?

Big Effing Rabbit

Though I am personally a little more partial to that sweater!

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  1. I always liked this book. I’m glad that you made some time to read it in your busy reading schedule.

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