Dirka dirka Obama jihad

August 29th, 2008 at 5:28 am

Obama jihad, change!


Well, the big show was last night.  The speech every talking head and pundit has been yapping about all week brought some climax to the DNC love-fest. 

It’s a lot of talking, a political convention.  I had almost forgotten how much talking there was.  The party rolled out everything they had; Kerry gave a speech that probably would have gotten him elected if given it when he was a candidate, Gore only made me drowsy this time and there was the Clinton double punch.  Michelle Obama set the bar pretty high, early in the convention, most all of the professional talkers met the mark.  Joe Biden did a fine job of introducing himself to the 95% of America who had no idea who Joe Biden was.

Then there is the talking about the speeches.  I largely tuned out for the post speech analysis, as I am fairly adept at forming my own opinions.


But that is all foreplay review, we all knew that penetrating psyche of undecided voters was the point of Barak Obama’s speech.


The speech itself was really a bit less than I was expecting.  I appreciate that Obama and his writing team held back, though.  Obama could have gone all in, attempted to make his own “Dream” speech or top the “Ask Not” rap. 

Going in that direction would have drawn hyper-analysis and opened the door for all manner of rock-star criticism from the right. 


Instead we got a pretty straight nomination acceptance talk.  It had plans, it had some numbers and it had some occassional fire.  Enough fire to keep listeners engaged, not so much as to draw direct comparisons to some of the greatest, most historic speeches.

We got a chance to chant USA!, because as Amercans we are predisposed to doing that.  We got to sing the chorus of change…


Obama, smartly, went after McCain on campaign styles – directly addressing character slurs and smear tactics.  This not only puts Obama on a high ground when fighting oppositional attacks, but also allows the DNC to tie any Swift Boat style action to McCain as well. 

Establishing this position should allow Obama to campaign from a position of perceived moral superiority, even when on the attack.


As for substance, well, it was a forty minute speech.  I don’t expect any candidate to fully explain how they might fix healthcare, Social Security, global instability, receding economies, famine, women’s rights, genocides, wars and flagging national pride in forty minutes.  Candidates have position papers to explain those details; most people don’t read position papers though.  Obama touched on all of those topics, however briefly, usually including the word change in the sentence.


In a convention that was unprecedented in its scripting and level of production, Barak Obama was the headliner act.  It was the big close on the sale. 


Barak Obama has called us to put a jihad on the GOP.


If you don’t like that, I’ll put a jihad on you.


Dirka dirka.  Obama jihad, change.



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2 Responses to “Dirka dirka Obama jihad”

  1. I thought it was a great speech and I eagerly look forward to the GOP convention. Who are they going to roll out? Who can compete with Nobel Peace Prize-Oscar-Grammy-winning Al Gore, love-fest Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Joe Biden?

    I particularly appreciated Obama’s specifics, like when he insisted that certainly a rural hunter’s opinion on gun control will differ from citizens living in gang-infested Cleveland, but surely we can still uphold the 2nd amendment while also keeping AK-47s out of the hands of thugs, brutes, terrorists, and all likes of Bad People.

    Mr. Obama, air fist jab to you!

  2. Ah ah ah, TERRORIST fist jab, not just any fist jab.

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