Metallica Singer Spurns Countrymen Again

August 21st, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Resident dick of Metallica and fan-hating technophobe who brought down the sacred beauty that was Napster, James Hetfield recently made news when neighbors of his Marin County, California property were in an uproar over the construction of a barbed-wire fence on his land that effectively blockaded a fire road that had been providing access to treasured recreational trails for decades.

Hetfield said that such construction was a result of vandalism. Yeah, well who do you blame for vandalizing your face? Or forcing you to make such crappy music? I think we should vandalize the fence. Isn’t that clever? That’ll piss him off.

If I were rich as fuck, I would welcome vandalism on my million-dollar compound. As long as it was Banksy.

While I mostly found fault in Hetfield for not constructing a more creative fence with innovative materials, I was especially aroused by the fact that such snobbish behavior by the arrogantly rich is not of course without precedent.

When The Astors Owned New York

Justin Kaplan’s When The Astors Owned New York relates how one of the two heirs to John Jacob Astor’s exorbitant wealth, William Waldorf Astor, purchased a 376-acre estate in England called Cliveden. He promptly proceeded to enclose the estate with “a high wall topped with broken glass, forbade access to a spring of water that had been a local pleasure site, and erected a blank wall to replace the iron grille gate that had allowed a sweeping view up the long driveway leading to the forecourt of the house.”

Waldorf’s neighbors reacted in much the same way as Hetfield’s. Which was to note that such fences threatened a century-old tradition of property owners giving public access to open space.

Our world is never lacking pompous hubris. Not to mention the bickering. There’s always bickering.

And those liberal-hippie-Californians! Always looking for a hand out.

A society that allows the rich to build fences around their lives with reckless abandon is the same society that allows the wealthy and publicly elected to build fences around their civil rights.

But that’s the funny thing about Americans. We’re quite regional. A man can get away with a lot of unspeakable horror from a wood-paneled office in Washington. But if you abuse a puppy, or build a fence in my neighborhood? No way buddy.

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