The Aug. 11 & 18, 2008 New Yorker Cover is Tasteless and Offensive

August 13th, 2008 at 8:00 am

Future Memories Aug. 11 & 18, 2008 New Yorker Cover by J.J. Sempe

The “artwork” is by J.J. Sempe, a New Yorker contributor since 1978, and is called “Future Memories.”

Future Memories. Yeah, of false nostalgia blotted with sentimental Thomas-Kincade idealism. The image shows two adults roasting what can only be marshmallows over a campfire on a beach as seventeen ankle biters sit around enraptured by the fire’s glow and the sky’s sparkling expanse.

But certainly there will also be future memories of the bugs, the smell, the noise, the homesickness, the bad food, the annoying kids, the bed wetter, the crier, the stealer, the itches, the sickness, the sweat, and the discomfort.

At a time of war, grave athletic duels, and economic crises, I cannot fathom why such a distinguished publication as The New Yorker would resort to such escapist fantasy.

Is this what we want our children exposed to?

The ostriches at The New Yorker predictably resorted to a Frenchman for this drivel.

J.J. Sempe, born in the disreputable and ramshackle town of Bordeaux, is the author of “Sempe: A Little Bit of France.”

Buy it and the terrorists win.

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  1. Says the man with the subscription. Enabler!

  2. James! Lets go see this:


  3. Subscriber, yes.

    But I only read the cartoons.

  4. What, are you gaming for a free subscription? Oh, wait, I get it – you are trying to get Authwhore to show up in web searches for the New Yorker. You are such a clever monkey.

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