Woman Who Remembers Every Day of Her Life to Publish Memoir

May 16th, 2008 at 8:01 am

Jill Price has a condition called hyperthymestic syndrome. As a result, she can remember everything that happened to her.

Can you imagine a more painful curse? Isn’t the success of our civilization predicated on the fact that we forget? Can you imagine anything more boring?

Well, Price is publishing her memoir, “The Woman Who Can’t Forget,” which is sure to be a grueling, unredeemable, shall I say, forgettable endeavor.

The Woman Who Can\'t Forget

Certainly the memoir is just the first step in getting this story to the big screen in which Kathy Bates will play Jill Price in a harrowing tale of epiphany and love that will remind you of an inverted re-telling of Awakenings and Memento. Paul Haggis will direct.

And Jill Price is not alone. Radio news reporter Brad Williams has the same, memorable condition.

No thanks.

There’s a reason most of us cannot remember large chunks of adolescence and banal details from our existence. Because we were consuming controlled substances in large quantities and/or because it does not matter and no one cares.

No one cares! It does not matter! Isn’t this what Wikipedia and Google are for?

Things are forgotten because they are forgettable.

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