The Essential Man’s Library

May 14th, 2008 at 8:46 pm

The men over at The Art of Manliness have compiled a list of 100 Must-Read Books.

Though these types of things are quite popular and rather foolish, I particularly admire the accompanying photography. They did a great job including older versions of the books and some appealing artsy shots.

As is of course always the case, there are some glaring omissions:

No Where the Red Fern Grows?

No Hunter S. Thompson???

But I’m pretty satisfied because there is the Boy Scout Handbook and The Hatchet alongside perennial list-inclusions like The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.

There are some questionable inclusions too of course:

A Separate Peace?


A Confederacy of Dunces?


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  1. What are ya doin’ gawking at a website called the Art of Manliness? Seems like some sorta latent gay-ness or diminished man-gland syndrome would bring that out – but a real regular guy kinda man would be too busy cleaning his guns, pounding boilermakers and burning things to lookyloo at that manner of thing.

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