Roald Dahl’s Hot Granddaughter Authors Book

April 22nd, 2008 at 8:37 pm


Sophie Dahl, granddaughter of Roald Dahl, has written a novel called Playing With the Grown-ups.

Sophie used to be a model, is an editor at Men’s Vogue, and is now a novelist.

Plus she’s smoking hot. So watch out Marisha Pessl and Zadie Smith.

Speaking of which, of Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, Sophie says, “First novels are not meant to be that good.”

They’re not? Well maybe you should have set your standards just a little bit higher, Ms. Dahl. Zadie sure did, going so far as refusing to award a literary prize for lack of worthy material.


According to its publisher, “Playing with the Grown-ups is an enchanting novel about growing up in a loving, utterly chaotic household; it is also hilarious, heartbreaking, and scandalous. The offbeat and often comic adventures of the free-spirited heroines—Marina and Kitty alike—will remind readers of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With her magnificent talent for storytelling and creating unconventional characters, Sophie Dahl ably carries on the literary legacy of her grandfather, the beloved children’s book author, Roald Dahl.”

They don’t seem to mention anything about how hot Sophie is. Which is probably why no one reads books and instead sees movies, watches cable news, worships pop stars, and obsesses about celebrities. Give us what we want!

I’m sure her words are pretty too. But they could at least hook us with her looks. Put her on the cover maybe? Everything else is sold that way. Or are we happy with a failing, archaic industry?

I know, I know, I know…literature is the last bastion of dignity and artistic merit with fibbing authors and classy tell-alls.

But isn’t familial heritage just as irrelevant as physical appearance? So out with the grandfather and in with the long, bare legs.

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