Tired of HST

March 29th, 2008 at 1:32 pm

Yeah, I know.  I never thought I would say it either, I am about tired of reading Hunter Thompson.

 I have been chugging through the collections of his published letters.  Reading about 1200 pages that have gotten me from about 1958 to 1973, the transition in HST history from high school, to struggling writer, to star of the bleeding edge press.

 It is a lot to take in, a lot to wade through – a lot.  I still have another 500 or 600 pages to get through.  If nothing else, the shear volume of corrospondence is staggering.  There are one or two deforrested hillsides in Oregon, thanks to HST.

You get insight into the backstory on a legendary literary figure, as the fruit of your patience.  The stories are all there, from stumbling copy boy at Time magazine, to swaggering Air Force sports reporter, right through the staggering through presidential campaigns (see James’ last post)…

The drumbeat through the whole journey is truth, which seems to lie in contrast to the maniacal public persona thrust on the guy (though I think the stories of mayhem are largely based on facts).  HST was a man in search of the truth, he lived with a code that valued truth and trueness and was able to translate those truths to paper better than most.  His letters document that journey and process well.

But you know, 1200 pages of anything will start to wear you down.  So, I figure I’ll get to 1975 or so in the record and take a break.  Maybe read some poetry, comic books or labels on soup cans.  I am game for anything with less emphasis on fear and or loathing.

I’ll report back on that and shut up about Hunter Thompson.  It is starting to seem a bit too much like a HST Ass Kissing journal around here.  You deserve a break as much as I do.[...]

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