Amazon’s Kindle

November 26th, 2007 at 1:59 am

So Amazon has released its own e-book reader device thingy called The Kindle.

Halfway through watching their video demonstration of it and having developed half a chubby in excitement, they then proceeded to explain the dictionary feature, which absolutely sealed the deal for me. Come across a word you want to look up while reading? No need to interrupt your reading to pull out a dictionary or computer, simply highlight the word and push a button to access the dictionary feature, and boom, you’re now that much smarter.

It holds 200 books and does not use back light to illuminate the text so it is just effective in bright light as darker and won’t hurt your eyes like a computer screen does. (Why don’t they use this technology for computer screens?)

You also have the ability to take notes on what you’re reading and to save your place. It is at the top of my Kwanzakahmas List. Is it as intimate and comfortable as books? I don’t know but I want one so I can find out.

Sony also has a portable reader system ebook device thingy with a lot less sexier name, the PRS-505.

Have companies still learned nothing about naming their products? It is about the brand. It is about the narrative, the story, the loyalty. Would we all have Blackberrys if they had been called XU-7921/2s?

An executive at Sony badly needs to read Wordcraft.

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