It’s a Petty Regurgitator’s Market

November 6th, 2007 at 6:06 pm

Paul Coelho, beloved author of one of those books that only non-readers read, The Alchemist, has a new book out.

Except it’s not really a new book.

It’s merely a “collection of selected quotes from Paulo Coelho’s impressive body of work.”

Oh. And it’s “a beautiful book with four–colour artwork by the renowned Norwegian artist Anne Kristin Hagesaether.”

Nothing garners respect and admiration for writers like having their work chopped up into little bits and illustrated like a children’s book. Publishers are really trying to make a buck with the shopping season upon us with this weak formula. It’s the equivalent of music labels jamming greatest hits, live albums, and other assorted compilations and collaborations down the consumer’s throat.

And this “chop-and-illustrate” tactic is only slightly worse than the mildly irritating method of taking a columnist’s already written work and compiling them into one volume. Those guilty of such include Ask A Mexican! and Rick Reilly.

Columnists are such vain, pompous, overly-opinionated individuals.

I want to be a columnist.

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