Author Elie Wiesel’s Attack Case Continues

September 19th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

In case my O.J.-book predictions actually COMING TRUE weren’t enough for you, there is more Book Court happenings in the news:

Nobel Prize winner, Holocaust survivor, and author with the most i’s and e’s in his name Elie Wiesel’s assault trial moved forward with alleged attacker 23-year-old Eric Hunt pleading not guilty to six felony charges stemming from a February attack. Hunt’s attorney claims that his client is severely bipolar and may divert the case to Behavioral Health Court.

This is all very, very sad. To attack such an old man, who has already been through so much.

It’d be like attacking James Frey. He’s already been through so much. It’s a dead horse. Just let them write their art. And you know what, Oprah? He didn’t “con us all.” He conned YOU! So calm down and leave James and the rest of us alone.

Wiesel’s case proceeds October 1st for a pretrial conference and then again October 4th to decide if the case goes to the behavioral court.

And who says our judicial system is bogged down with unnecessary proceedings? This is all breezing right along.

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