Whining For Amy

August 29th, 2007 at 3:56 pm

The father-in-law of the author of a handful of hit songs is pleading with his daughter’s fans to boycott Amy Winehouse’s music in an attempt to pry her from the desperate clutches of drugs.


Parents. Fucking narcs.

Sure, you’ll have your daughter back alive and well, but once she cleans up, her music will suffer and certainly become mediocre, and that us fans will have to suffer through. No thanks.

Amy, you musicians come from a long, distinguished and storied line of users and abusers. But your music always kicks ass! Work through it. You’ll figure it out. I have faith. But tread carefully, heroin has killed many brilliant musicians. How wonderful would this world be if we still had Blind Melon and Sublime? There probably wouldn’t be any War. Only Peace. Certainly No Rain.

And is it me, or is Amy Winehouse the lesbian-love-progeny of Tallulah Bankhead and Sarah Silverman?

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